Photos: Lisa Romerein and Ferguson & Shamamian Architects

Blessed with a star-studded history, this Holmby Hills residence was elegantly rebuilt and redesigned more gracious than ever by designer Lauren King and Ferguson and Shamamian architects. While attempting to renovate the existing house, it was discovered that the structure of the home was unstable. So with the help of the architects, mechanical engineers, and a brilliant contractor, Peter McCoy, Lauren rebuilt this home, new and improved, and better than ever.

Lauren wanted to maintain the classicism of the home by preserving its casual formality, yet understanding that contemporary enhancements have their own charms. Lauren created rooms that are timeless, show restrained elegance, and are understated.

The collections throughout this Holmby Hills estate are eclectic but maintain a harmonious mix of furnishings and fabrics rich in pattern and detail to represent the many environments of the house. The home displays a mix of contemporary art, 18th century English furniture and carpets, and a plethora of accessories from around the world.

Probably the home’s greatest showpiece is the great room with its walnut paneling, columns, and cove ceiling concealing a 21st century screening room. A 17th-century Flemish tapestry, purchased from Paris, hangs in this wood-paneled room and, at a push of a button, reveals a large projection screen.